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May 24, 2020


Most Calvary members seem anxious to resume corporate gatherings.  We understand that people have various views regarding management of the pandemic.  Some people think that the quarantine should continue until the threat is eliminated.  Others want to return to normal as soon as possible.   Some of us will plan on assembling on Sunday, May 31, 10:45 am.   We ask that everyone carefully evaluate your own health and level of risk before attending.  If you are beyond 65 years old and have health concerns, please consider staying home a little longer.  There will be no judgment on anyone. 

We love to sing in our worship, but recent studies have indicated that it may increase the spread of the virus.  Please be patient as we will hold off on corporate singing for a while.  Our services should last between 45-60 minutes.  We will not meet for Sunday School or any other gathering at this time.  We hope to restore Wednesday prayer meeting in the near future.


Precautions for maintaining good health at all gatherings:

  • Please stay home if you have come into contact with a person infected with COVID-19, have a cough, have difficulty breathing, or have a fever.

  • Masks are encouraged, but not required.

  • All doors will be open including restrooms.  Entrances will be closed and locked during the service.

  • There will be no handshaking or physical contact.

  • There will be no handouts.

  • Please go directly to your seat.

  • There will be family seating with all non-family spaced by 6’.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • There will be no hospitality (coffee & treats).

  • Offerings will be left in a designated spot. 

  • There will be no fellowship before or after service.  Please exit immediately.


Even if you disagree with some of the precautions, please remember that Christ wants His church to love one another and walk in unity.  Let’s make sure that we display the fruit of the Spirit as we assemble together.

                                                                         Your elders, 

                                                                         Mark, Lee & Tony

Calvary Grace Brethren Church
2850 East Dorothy Lane
Kettering, Ohio 45420


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